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Vienna, music and our love ...

... with wedding rings from Collection Ruesch!

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Which ring type are you?

Whether artistic, purist or romantic - you’ll find your dream wedding ring with us.
Be inspired by the variety of our collections or choose your preferred look on the spot with the help of our ring type finder.

your personal dream rings now
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Experience the ring configuration in real-time 3D and refine your dream ring with select diamonds and personalised engravings.

More than 130 years of
goldsmith artistry

The Viennese wedding ring maker Brüder Nowotny has been dedicated to aesthetics in ring design and to absolute precision in ring making since the company was founded in 1881.

Our company is currently one of the most successful ring makers in the world - by working with state-of-the-art equipment, highly motivated employees and having the best jewellers as customers.

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